Magic Classes for Kids



” Everyone loved your performance – Thank you again! “
-The Moose Lodge Orphanage, Indian Head, MD

Mike Perrello uses a lot of audience participation in his show either by involving the entire audience to help make the magic happen or by getting one or two volunteers up front.   At other times, there will be visually appealing magic accompanied by music. The show is customized appropriately for the age group and theme so that children of all ages as well as adults will enjoy the variety of magical mysteries.   As a feature of the show, real live doves will appear out of nowhere which the children can pet.   The show is filled with a variety of eye-catching magical bits and surprises that will grab the attention of all ages.   This comedy magic show will keep everyone laughing and having non-stop fun.

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“It takes a unique entertainer to work with a group of more than 100 children, especially with a diversity of ages from toddlers to teens. Mike did so fabulously and kept everyone (including the parents) entranced with his show. Moreover, he was easy to work with in booking, arrived promptly, and had a friendly demeanor to create the exact atmosphere we were seeking.”
-Rabbi Marc D. Israel, Rabbi Educator

“Everyone at our Church was simply amazed and entertained. They talked about your magic show days! Thanks again for providing a wonderful fun event for our guests. ”
-Donna Bolt, Education Co-ordinator, Manassas, VA