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Mike Perrello’s Educational & Character Building Programs
for Grades K-6


About the World of Wonder Program

A magic class with an educational focus.  We demonstrate that magic is science, magic is math, magic is history, magic builds character and so on, all presented in a FUN and interactive way.

Throughout this program we also remind students of the 8 traits of a true magician – Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic and Giving.

About the Magic Words Program

An interactive Anti-bullying magic show, in which we NEVER mention anything about or say the word “bullying”.  Instead, we focus on the power of words and how by using positive words, specifically what we call MAGIC POWER WORDS, it helps kids focus on kindness, stop bullying and realize that the words we use are full of power.  Throughout the performance they visually see and experience the magic and come to realize that they have the magic power inside of them to make a difference in people.  The 8 Magic POWER words we focus on are Hello, Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Forgive You, I Understand, Great Job and I Can.

About the Secrets of Magic Program

A highly interactive presentation where the magician doesn’t do any of the tricks!  Instead, students are brought up on stage and to their amazement, they perform all of the magic.  In this show students take the very special Oath of a True Magician, promising to have fun, respect others and of course to never reveal the secrets.  The show’s purpose is to build confidence in kids, help them believe in themselves and to discover that they can do anything. 

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