What if you could finally get your kids to look up from their phones?
Every Kid Loves Magic and I Guarantee My Unique Magic Class
Will Have Your Kids Captivated Like Never Before!

What Really Makes Our Magic Class Unique?

The tricks are simple but strong, easy to master with little practice, and uses common household objects.  Your kids will be able to  start entertaining their friends and family with right away when they go home.

The magic class is Educationally Themed in the areas of science, math, art, theater, history, and music.
For example, as the kids are learning the secrets of the “Splash Bag” trick they are also learning how science and technology are often used to make magic.
In another example, the “Number Prediction” teaches them how math reveals hidden patterns that tell us more about the world around us.
Character Building
Throughout the presentation, the kids are reminded of the 8 Traits of a True Magician:
Respectful – Prepared – Enthusiastic – Confident – Humble – Creative – Authentic – Giving
This not only makes their magic stronger, but more importantly, those same qualities can build a successful life.
Highly Interactive
The kids are being entertained while they are learning, actively involved throughout.
In our Magic Workshop we provide supplies to hand out to the kids so they can follow along and start practicing what they were just taught.
They retain the what they learn longer because of the interactive nature.

By the end of the Magic Class, kids will discover that magic is Limitless!

About Mike Perrello
Mike Perrello is DC Area’s Leading Family Entertainment Expert and performs over 400 shows per year and is recognized by children and their parents everywhere! Mike’s interest in magic started at age 6. By the age of 12, Mike has performed magic shows for the local community, schools, camps and birthday parties and won a high school talent show. Mike is the most sought out entertainer for family events, schools and parties.
“My daughter has never been more excited to come home and show me what she’s learned!”     ~ Joy Skinner, Parent 

“We really had fun with this class. We could watch how our son became more confident performer.   I enjoyed sharing the experience with him – loved watching him do the tricks and watch him change the presentation to suit different audiences.”     ~ Ben Beeson’s parents, Washington, DC

“Fun exciting class! Builds confidence and presentation skills. The best part was the enthusiasm – our daughter loved the class and looked forward to each week.”     ~ Charlotte’s parents, Washington, DC


  • Character Building – Without realizing it, the kids are having so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning the 8 Traits of a True Magician, Being Respectful, Confident, Creative, etc.
  • Educational Theme – Magic Lessons reinforces knowledge of math, science, art, theater, history and music. 
  • Secret File Folders – Each student receives a Free File Folder filled with colors, fun and information that reviews everything that was taught in the class.  As a Bonus, each folder unlocks Special Online Magic Videos. 
  • Lots of Audience Participation – Kids learn faster when they are involved and hands on.

For groups of 26 or more, call us for a customized proposal  1-888-294-6799

Length of Class:  45 minutes

Also Included:

A Magically decorated stage set to get kids excited about the magic they are about to learn!

File Folders for every student with access to secret online learning videos

100% Full Money Back Guarantee. If the kids are not totally delighted with the class, you won’t pay anything.

***Exceptions to above pricing***

Call 1-888-249-6799 for modified pricing if:

  • your event will be on a holiday or eve of a holiday
  • your event will be on a weekend or Friday evening
  • your event will have more than 100 guests.
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