Nutrition is important and yet there is so much most of us still don’t know. Here are 44 things you should know about your nutrition.

1. Always Eat breakfast.
2. Apples will protect your heart.
3. At least once a week, make a fruit salad.
4. Bananas will strengthen your bones.
5. Beans, Eggs, peas and lentils provide a good source of protein and fiber.
6. Broccoli can combat cancer.
7. Carrots can save your eyesight.
8. Daily, take a vitamin D supplement.
9. Dark chocolate is packed with healthy nutrients so enjoy it.
10. Don’t eat fruit right after a meal.
11. Don’t go to sleep right after you eat.
12. Each day make at least half of your carbohydrate foods whole grains.
13. Eat a variety of fiber-rich foods everyday.
14. Eat cabbage to boost your cancer-fighting enzymes.
15. Eat one dark green and one orange vegetable every day.
16. Eat peanut butter and avocado as healthy fat source.
17. Enjoy the time preparing meals as a family.
18. Fish boosts your memory.
19. Garlic kills bacteria.
20. Home-cooked meals are always better than eating out.
21. Honey will increase your energy.
22. If you have trouble sleeping, eat lettuce.
23. Keep a variety of raw vegetables handy and ready to serve for quick snacks.
24. Learn to enjoy soups and do so often.
25. Lemons smooth the skin.
26. Minimize your caffeine intake.
27. Mushrooms control blood pressure.
28. Oranges support your immune system.
29. Plan healthy menus as a family.
30. Purchase leaner meat cuts.
31. Replace black tea with green tea.
32. Replace fried food with baked, broiled or steamed food.
33. Replace salt with herbs, lemon, and spices.
34. Replace whole wheat flour for white flour.
35. Rice conquers kidney stones.
36. Slow down when you eat.
37. Strawberries can calm stress.
38. Tomatoes protect your prostate.
39. Walnuts will lift your mood.
40. When you eat out, choose healthier choices.
41. Whenever you can, buy organic products.
42. Whenever you can, keep the skin and peels on fruits and vegetable.
43. Yogurt will protect against ulcers and help you to better digest your food.
44. You can consume mustard guilt free.