We all want to live longer, but we certainly don’t want to do that in poor health. The object is to lead a life as healthy as possible and there are things we can do to reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease, diabetes, or other serious illnesses. Let’s look at some helpful tips for healthier living.

1. Exercise for 30 minutes every day. If you can’t do 30 minutes at one time, break it up – it’s okay! Your exercise regime doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply walking at a brisk pace is highly effective. There are no memberships and there is no need to attend a gym if you don’t want to. Always remember that any exercise is better than no exercise so do your best and get moving.
2. Make healthy meal choices. Avoid junk food, fast food, and processed food. Always read labels and know what it is you are feeding yourself. Make sure you are not taking in more calories than you should or you will gain unnecessary pounds.
3. Take a vitamin supplement to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.
4. Reduce the stress in your life. Eliminate it if at all possible. Learn to use deep breathing techniques, meditation, and anything else that works for you.
5. Turn off your smart phone. Yes there really is an off button on your phone. We are always in constant contact with the world, and that includes our employers. We need time when there is no demands being put on us. Our bosses should not always be able to contact with us. Meals are a good time to put the phones aside and focus on family.

These five simple tips will go a long way to helping you lead a life that’s healthier. Increase your longevity and be able to enjoy it without serious illness.