At first blush, it might seem like a classic that has remained pretty steady and predictable over the years. Pie is pie, right?
	Look a little closer. It turns out, we can sneak a peek into history and fads when we consider what types of pie were popular at the time. Consider these, from Taste of Home:

Earliest pies:  Probably meat pies and fruit pies. As long as there have been apples, someone has put them into a crust.

* Icebox Pie. Nothing screams old-timey like the term icebox. This dessert came to prominence in the 1910s, when insulated boxes with ice were still a popular method of keeping food cold.

* Vinegar Pie. Though it sounds more like a punishment than a dessert, this custard-type pie, which emerged during the Great Depression when ingredients were limited, apparently has a mellow sweet-tart flavor.

* Jell-O Pie. A little Jell-O, a little fruit, a pie crust: boom. 1950s, anyone?

* Mini Pies. These took off in the 2010s. Are we more indecisive about fruit or cream pies? Do we just like to sample? Is it a by-product of a tapas phase? Who knows. And who cares, so long as they're delicious!

* Allergen-friendly pies. Also a recent trend, pies today can be nut free, gluten free, dairy free, Keto, you name it. Again, so long as it's yummy, bring it!