Nobody’s perfect, and that includes kids when it’s time for homework. Procrastination can lead to after-dinner battles and evening scrambles to get assigned work done before bedtime. But homework doesn’t have provoke anxiety every day — try a few of these tips to make homework easier and less stressful for everyone.
* Designate a space for homework, like a corner in a quiet room or the dining room table. Limit distractions from siblings or screens to help them focus on their work.
* Check in with them before they start. If they have a large amount of work to complete in one night, help them create an action plan to reduce their anxiety and help them work more efficiently.
* Be present. Hang around nearby with a book or some of your own work and be available for questions or to offer praise and encouragement.
* Ask for outside help if necessary. If your child is struggling with their homework and you can’t help them on your own, reach out to their teacher to discuss the situation.
* Schedule study and homework time. Set up a schedule — including play time — that works best for your child. Some kids function best right after school, while others need a break so they can attack it after dinner.
* Make sure your kids do their own work. Guidance and suggestions are great, but don’t complete assignments for your child — it defeats the purpose.