Sleds and snowboarding may never get old, but if you want your experience kicked up a notch, try using a different device for sledding.
Tubes — Who said they are just for lazy summer rivers? They can also make good snow sliders. The key is a good grip and hanging on tight. Don’t do this where you might run into fences or other fixed objects. A good open sledding territory is required.
Go-Karts on ice — Put some spiked tires on the kart and head out to a frozen track. You’ll get a sliding thrill out of it.
Kayak — Wax it up and head to a steep, snowy hill. Use the paddle to steer.
Shovel — Way back in time, farm kids did this every year. It’s considered an actual sport at New Mexico ski resorts. The riders sit on a snow shovel facing the handle and with the handle between their legs. They can then slide down a track or snowy hill. The key is to wax the underside of the shovel. Be careful. Shovels on a track can reach high speeds.
Wok — You can always plop your rear on a kitchen utensil. A food-grade metal wok can take you for a spin down a steep hill.