Materials Needed:
– Blank cards or folded pieces of construction paper (one for each child)
– Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
– Thanksgiving-themed stickers (optional)
– Glue sticks (if using stickers)
– Safety scissors
– Small, pre-cut pictures or images of Thanksgiving-related items (turkeys, pumpkins, leaves, etc.)


1. Preparation: Before the activity, gather all the materials you’ll need and set them up in a designated craft area. Ensure that each child has their own blank card or folded piece of construction paper.

2. Introduction: Begin by explaining to the children that they will be making special Thanksgiving cards to give to someone they care about. You can talk briefly about the holiday and the idea of giving thanks.

3. Choose Designs: Provide the children with a variety of Thanksgiving-themed pictures or images. You can print these from the internet or use pre-cut images from magazines or coloring books. Encourage the children to choose their favorite Thanksgiving-related pictures.

4. Decoration: Let the children decorate the front of their cards with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. They can draw additional pictures, write messages like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “I’m thankful for you,” and add their own creative touches.

5. Stickers (Optional): If you have Thanksgiving-themed stickers available, children can add these to their cards as well. Show them how to use glue sticks to attach the stickers if necessary.

6. Inside the Card: Inside the card, help the children write a simple message or assist them in drawing a picture related to Thanksgiving. For example, they can draw a turkey, a pumpkin, or a leaf.

7. Personal Touch: Encourage children to personalize their cards further by adding their names and perhaps a small handprint or fingerprint on the back as a signature.

8. Quality Time: While the children are working on their cards, use this time to engage them in conversation about things they are thankful for. This can be a great opportunity to teach gratitude.

9. Finishing Touches: Once the cards are complete, allow them to dry if necessary. If the children used glue or stickers, make sure everything is securely attached.

10. Presentation: Encourage the children to present their cards to a family member or friend as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude. You can also have a little “card exchange” within the group if the children are comfortable with it.

11. Cleanup: After the activity, help the children clean up their workspace by collecting any unused materials and disposing of waste properly.

This Thanksgiving card-making activity not only allows young children to express their creativity but also teaches them about the importance of showing gratitude and giving thanks to others. It’s a lovely project to foster a sense of appreciation during the holiday season.