Mealtimes can be a strain in the family home. Everyone likes the idea of the family dinner, but far too often such events are marred by children needing to go the lavatory, spilling drinks, clanging cutlery, refusing to eat vegetables, dropping food on the floor or just plain throwing a tantrum.

One of the biggest complaints from mothers is that their children are such picky eaters, as well as the sheer impossibility of trying to get their kids to eat stuff that’s actually good for them. Fortunately, there are a few tips to try and get through the family dinner without one of the adults losing their minds.

Try and get your child to have at least a taste of everything they are offered. Appetites can change and children often need to taste something several times to decide if they like it or not so just a taste of a food they may not fancy the look of can be a good idea. Another good tip is to feed your kids the kind of foods that you enjoy and consume. If you eat healthy, flavorful foods then chances are your children will want to as well.