It’s official. We live in an “ask Siri” world of instant downloads, GPS, fast food, and selfies. And you may have noticed that people are less and less patient, less prepared, and less thoughtful of others than ever before. Kids are spending more and more time looking DOWN at “smart” devices. Social media, ironically, is causing us to interact with others less and less. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, (and the list goes on) are all consuming people’s time, creating anxiety and depression at unprecedented rates.

Magic is an empathetic art. The success of a good magic trick requires that you understand what someone else is thinking and feeling. Many magic tricks require interacting with others, giving instructions, and responding to what others do in an appropriate manner. Magic also requires being prepared, practicing, and most importantly, creative story-telling to make it fun and memorable. And of course, magic is all about sharing with others. There is no magic if you aren’t sharing it. Creating magic leverages the power and excitement of learning magic secrets to get kids to put down their electronic devices and learn important social skills like using people’s names and looking others in the eyes. Embedded in these fun and interactive classes are simple and powerful life-changing lessons. Magic helps teach the importance of being prepared, being humble, and being your best self all in the context of what makes a good magician. Through the act of performing magic and working with others, kids build self-confidence, make new friends, and develop priceless communication skills that really will impact the rest of their lives.