We’ve all been there: Fluffy or Spot is restless, pawing at us or making those unmistakable sounds that suggest they want something. But what? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our pets could just tell us?

Well, according to Liz Palika, the author of The New Age Dog, they kind of can—with a bit of help from us.

Simple Steps to Connect with Your Pet

  • Initiate the Conversation: When your pet seems to want something but isn’t making it clear, say “Show me,” in a calm and encouraging tone.
  • Follow Their Lead: Approach your pet while repeating “Show me.” Observe their reactions as you move closer to potential items or areas of interest like their leash, water dish, or food bowl.
  • Look for the Tell: When you’re near what they desire, they’ll react more strongly. It might be a wagging tail, an excited dance, or a focused gaze.

What About Cats?

While dogs are often more straightforward with their cues, cats are known for their mysterious ways. Ever had a cat jump onto your lap seemingly out of the blue? Or perhaps, interrupt your newspaper reading session with a delicate strut across the page? They’re trying to tell you something too. Using the “Show me” approach can be equally effective. Once you decode their message and cater to their need, you can get back to your task, and they’ll likely settle down, satisfied.

Conclusion: Establishing this simple communication routine not only enhances your bond with your pet but also ensures their needs are met promptly. Give the “Show me” technique a try, and revel in the joy of understanding your furry friend a little better!