Brussels sprouts look harmless — tiny, happy cabbage-like rounds that never did anything to anyone.
In the UK, where they are often a feature of the holiday dinner, they are, according to The Telegraph, divisive to the family dinner. Some love them, some hate them.
In fairness, if not cooked properly, they can be pretty gross (think: boiled into oblivion). But seeing as they come into season starting in September, this is a good time to explore different ways to prepare Brussels sprouts.
Side note grammar lesson: keep the ‘s’ in the word Brussels even if only referring to a single one on your plate. In that case, you would be eyeing the last Brussels sprout. To help you remember it, the veggie gets its name from its Belgian origins.
Here are some ideas to enjoy Brussels sprouts season:
* Roast them with olive oil and salt and pepper.
* Shave them like cabbage, adorn with something nutty, and dress with a vinaigrette.
* Saute them with bacon and onions.
* Wrap them in bacon with a maple glaze.
* Include them in a casserole of roasted root vegetables.