Lovely summer evening can be great opportunities for dinner on the patio, but one party crasher always ruins the fun: the mosquito.
Instead of slathering your body with repellent, try repelling mosquitos from the space around you. It’s possible with spatial repellents.
A controlled-release spatial repellent device, which disperses repellent in an ultra-fine mist from a replaceable cartridge or pad, creates a protected radius of around 15 to 20 feet, depending on the device.
Different iterations of the device are available for a variety of applications, including fuel-powered versions for camping and repellent-emitting stakes that can be arranged around the yard to create a larger perimeter.
One of the most well-known devices: the Thermacell E55 repeller (about $40), which creates a 20-foot protection radius with about five hours of life on its rechargeable lithium battery. Repellent cartridges can last up to 40 hours. The company also make a portable version of the device that is designed to be durable. The MR450 (about $35) is also effective at repelling mosquitos but it is powered by a butane cartridge and requires less convenient repellent pads. According to Wirecutter, it’s a good option for camping.
Unfortunately, windy conditions are a major limiting factor, since the mist is dispersed into the air. But wind also disperses mosquitos, so you can always use a big fan.