It’s 2 degrees in Saint Paul and you’re heading to Jamaica. What to wear? recommends layers, not coats. Coats have to be stashed in overhead bins when you get on the plane, adding just another bulky object to your travel.
For women, try layering a tank top, long sleeved shirt, tights under a dress or skirt, a heavy cardigan or a shawl, and flats.
For men, advice from Trip Advisor is to wear zipped cargo pants. Simply unzip to make shorts when you get to your destination.
Leave enough space in your carry-on to stash the winter parts of your ensemble when you arrive.
One advantage of layers is that you can take them off and stash them in your carry-on while waiting at immigration.
Avoid boots, which are heavy and hard to carry, in favor of light shoes. You can stash flip flops in the carry-on.
Some couples designate one person to have a coat. The coatless one is dropped off at the airport door, while the coated one parks. That means there is only one coat to carry.
If you park in long-term parking, a remote starter helps you move comfortably from the airport bus to the car when you return.