Psychologists say fathers give children a sense of well-being, self-control, inner strength and all that good stuff.
But forget all that. Let’s get real. Dads are fun. Maybe there is a Dad School somewhere that teaches them basic Dad stuff because they more or less tend to have some things in common.

When the kids are young, Dads are perfect for story-telling and story reading. Deep voices make the characters come to life (and the listeners giggle). And those stories last forever.

Things that make Mom go “Eww!”
Dads make a great counter-point to moms. There are things she hates: Pull my finger! We know what happens there. Toe lint: Use your imagination.

Dad magic tricks
The ever-popular thumb removal trick, which works best on 4-year-olds but continues well past its shock value.
The lift trick: Lift me up! You can do it! You grab Dad around the legs and lift. Dad stands on tip toes. You did it! Suddenly you are a strong man.

Dad fun
Dad’s driving down the highway. Passes a go-kart track. Makes a U-turn. Because who can pass up a go-kart track? Or Dad, taking you someplace boring, until Dad sees an ice cream place and just like that, it’s a great Saturday afternoon.
Or the day he teaches you to fish.

Dad sayings
Contribute! (That was Motivational Dad.)
I’m going to go into the living room and hold down my chair so it doesn’t get away. (After work Dad)
Remember this: I love you. Your Mom loves you. And God loves you. (Eternal Dad)