It can be difficult to do things on a budget to keep your family entertained. Here is a list of ten of the less obvious ways you can:

1. Make a rock garden – with a little bit of planning this can be an easy and fun project. Mark a small area in your yard and remove the grass and weeds before covering the area with black plastic. (You can use heavy duty black garbage bags if you’d like). Gather your rocks from creeks and streams and even by the side of the road and place them in the area so they are pleasing to the eye.

2. Have a role reversal day – your teens will especially like this one. For a certain amount of time, your kids get to the parents and give the orders to you.

3. See a local sports team – If you have teenagers, gather everyone up and go watch a little league game in your area. If you have younger kids, go to a high school sports game. If your area has a minor league sports team – try that for some family fun.

4. Have a scavenger hunt – it’s easy enough to have one in your neighborhood (if you have smaller children) or in your city if you have teenagers.

5. Take a day and visit yard sales, flea markets, craft shows and swap meets. Pack a cooler with drinks and sandwiches to keep the costs down.

6. Camp out in the back yard. This can be fun with children of any age and doesn’t really require any real equipment. Make your tent from sheets and sleep in sleeping bags. Use your grill to cook hot dogs and burgers and build a fire for smores.

7. Have an arts and crafts day. Again this can be done with kids of any age and you can use things you already have laying around the house. This is a great rainy day activity.

8. Karaoke. Ok this one may require a little money up front but it will pay for itself over and over. You can even try to pick up a karaoke machine on the day you hit the swap meets and flea markets. Make it a family thing or invite family or the neighors.

9. Put on a play using old clothes for costumes and letting everyone read their parts instead of memorizing.

10. Spend the day at the library or the local bookstore