Water – it’s at the very core of our being. Did you know that two-thirds of your body is water? Did you know all of your organs and tissues are mostly water?

• Bone consists of 22% of water
• Brain consists of 90% of water
• Muscle consists of 75% water
• Blood consists of 83% water

The water’s function is extremely important to your body. Water is responsible for transporting oxygen to your cells, moisturizes the lungs’ air, transports nutrients, helps your metabolism, detoxifies, and regulates your body temperature.

Let’s look at 8 important health benefits associated with drinking water:
1. Healthier skin – When your skin is hydrated properly, the skin’s tissues are replenished. This means your skin’s elasticity is increased, and wrinkles and fine lines are less obvious. You will look years younger.
2. Your risk of cancer decreases – Several studies have shown that when people drink adequate water they reduce their risk of bladder and colon cancer. That’s because water dilutes cancer causing agencies that are found in urine.
3. Lose weight – Drinking adequate water helps a person to lose weight, because it will flush out fat, reducing hunger, and help to fill you and question your thirst with zero calories.
4. Exercise better –Your body temperature is regulated by drinking adequate water. Water also fuels your muscles. Adequate water and you will feel more energetic while exercising.
5. Helps with digestion – Water raises your metabolism, which in turn aids your digestion. Fiber and water also help with regular bowel movement.
6. More productive at work – Your brain is mostly water, so it makes sense that drinking plenty of water will help to keep you alert and help you to concentrate.
7. Improves your mood – When your body feels good, you are happier.
8. Relieves fatigue – Water helps to flush toxins and body waste out of your body, which means your organs don’t have to work as hard, and you will be less tired.

Water is key to healthy living. So simple, yet so often overlooked.