Don’t put this down the garbage disposal
Frustrating clogs and costly repairs — that’s what you’ll get if you try to put the wrong things down your garbage disposal.
Here are some of them:
1. Grease and oil: Fat can solidify and clog your pipes, leading to unpleasant backups.
2. Fibrous vegetables: Celery, corn husks, and onion skins may seem harmless, but their tough fibers can wrap around the disposal blades and cause them to jam.
3. Coffee grounds: Although they may seem harmless, coffee grounds can accumulate and form a sludgy mess in your pipes, leading to blockages.
4. Eggshells: Despite their hard exterior, eggshells can create tiny granules that stick to the pipes and cause blockages over time.
5. Bones and fruit pits: Your garbage disposal is not equipped to handle these hard objects. They can damage the blades and motor and require costly repair or replacement.
6. Potato peels. A handful of peels will stop up the drain. Don’t try it.