Even though summer is half over now, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop having fun. There are still plenty of warm days ahead, and plenty of activities to fill them with. So before the leaves begin to change, take some time together as a family and try some of these activities:

• Create a book of summer memories: If you’re like most families, you’ve taken tons of pictures over the summer, whether from a trip, sporting events or a cookout in your backyard. Collect these photos and any souvenirs or other memories and put them together into a book. Tuck it away for a rainy or snowy day.
• Party! Why not throw an end of summer bash? Invite all of your friends and neighbors, let the kids invite their friends and have an end of summer blowout. Throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, put up the volley ball tent and even drag out the corn hole boards – Bam! You’ve got a party!
• Play Video Games – yes even in the summer. As the summer ends and fall approaches, the weather is bound to get cooler and rainier. Take a rainy day and spend it playing video games as a family. With all of the available interactive game consoles and games available, there’s bound to be something the whole family can enjoy!
• Get ready for back to school. This isn’t something that everyone will enjoy, kids are rarely ready to head back to the confines of a classroom after a summer of freedom. But going back doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Plan a day of family shopping and don’t make it all work and no play – do your shopping for the stuff you need, then spend the day trying on silly hats, sunglasses or shoes and take pictures.

Anyone of these activities can take away the end of summer blues. Or you can come up with something of your own – you’re only limited by your imagination!