If you are planning to travel on a vacation, a great way to ensure you enjoy every minute is to prepare before you go. Then you can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate when you get to your destination. These few travel tips will keep you free of worry.

Travel begins with you doing your research and finding out all you can about your destination. Then you aren’t as likely to have any bad surprises. The internet has a wealth of useful information from where to stay to things to do with crime rates and documentation you’ll need.

No matter where you travel, as a tourist you are always going to be a target. However, some tourists are at greater risk than others because they don’t take some precautions. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. If you are wondering around flaunting it, you make yourself a target.

Always put your wallet in a secure place. A fanny pack is a great way to keep your wallet safe. If you carry a purse, put the strap on your shoulder but move the bag to the front of your body and keep snug against the body

Put all your credit card details including the contact phone numbers of the credit card company in a safe place. You should also leave a copy with friends or family at home.

Never leave your luggage unattended. Luggage theft is bad enough but what’s more worrisome is the drug smugglers who are looking for unattended luggage to move their drugs.

Don’t forget about your prescriptions. If the medications are critical you should bring two bottles and place one in your carry on and the other in your luggage. Some countries require you to carry a copy of the prescription with you, so know the rules before you go.

Having the vacation of a lifetime and enjoying your travel adventures simply requires a little planning in advance.