The first day of school is just around the corner for most of us which means the signs of fall are popping up everywhere.

But just because fall is here doesn’t mean the family fun has to stop! There are still some great things you can do with your family that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take a look:

• Gather up the kiddos and rake up a pile of leaves to jump in – and don’t let the kids have all the fun, jump in with them!
• Take a field trip to a pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins to carve at home.
• Fill up a thermos of warm apple cider and take the kids on a hayride. If you’re into a scarier time, a haunted hayride could be right up your alley!
• Take the whole family to the apple orchard to pick apples and then bake an apple pie or cobbler together.
• Scarecrows are a sure sign of fall so gather the family and build your own. Get an old pair of pants and a flannel shirt and stuff them both full of hay, leaves, old newspapers or a combination of all of these. Paint a face on some burlap or a pumpkin and your scarecrow is ready to go.
• Fall is a time of harvest and storage for the winter. Teach your children how to help the birds prepare for winter by making birdfeeder ornaments with peanut butter sunflower seeds on pinecones. Once you have them just the way you like them, hang them in a tree near a window and watch the birds enjoy them.

What are some of your favorite fall family activities?