The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of fun family trips together. There are some great family vacation ideas for fall that will help you fight the end of summer to the bitter end:

• A trip to New England is a beautiful sight in the fall – in fact, many families make this trip every year to see the beautiful fall foliage. If you’re up for really getting in touch with nature, make this a camping trip rather than staying in a hotel.
• Lookout Pass in Hiawatha, Idaho is a great place to take the family bicycles and ride away. This is a fun trip for family members of all ages and an inexpensive way to see other parts of the country.
• The Grand Canyon is a great trip anytime of the year and a must-do at least once, however in the fall months, a trip to the Grand Canyon is perfect – the weather is cooler and the summer time crowds have thinned making the trip more enjoyable.
• If your children are like most, coloring books and crayons and pictures on your refrigerator are commonplace. If so, then The Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania is a perfect place for little ones. Your children can experience things like hot wax paints, special magic markers and the price of admission includes tokens the kids can use for take home goodies.
• What better way to celebrate fall than to have Thanksgiving dinner like the Pilgrims? A visit to Plimoth Plantation is an outdoor museum that captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Have you taken a fall trip recently? What’s your favorite place to visit?