If you are going to be flying with a baby, then depending on the amount of distance that you intend to travel you should think about selecting a flight that is in sync with your child’s already established nap time as it means that they will be much more likely to sleep through the experience. If it is simply not possible to get a non-stop itinerary then it is a good idea to try and avoid short layovers. Nobody wants to have to make a run to the next gate while carrying a baby so make sure that you have a lot of time between your connections.

If your baby weighs less than 40 pounds, then experts believe that the safest way to travel is with them strapped into their car seat as an extra airline seat. If you cannot afford an extra seat however, then another suggestion is to book a window and aisle as this enables you easier access to flight attendants and provides the option to go for a short walk to calm the baby.