A simple search through your favorite search engine will reveal many expensive or harmful ways to rid your home of ants. Before going either of those routes, why not try a few homemade remedies first?

Not the best smelling solution, but the ants won’t like it either. Wipe down your countertops or any other places you’ve seen ants with a solution made up of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Repeat throughout the day to get the maximum effect. This is a good ant treatment because not only the ants don’t like the smell, but it also removes the scent trails.

Baby Power/Chalk
These are both natural ant repellants, so draw a line with either one where you saw ants walking around.

Mix equal parts of borax with syrup or jelly. Once the ants find it and consume it, the Borax will damage their digestive systems and outer skeletons.

Coffee Grounds
Ants (and incidentally, cats) are repelled by coffee grounds. Sprinkle some anywhere you’ve seen ant activity and around the outside of your home. The ants will disappear.