If you ever hire an in-house baby sitter, you’ll want to help him or her do the best job possible. You want her to be able to protect herself and your children to her utmost.

Here are a few tips to help him or her do so:

• Place a paper and pencil by the phone. That way if there is an emergency and she calls for help she doesn’t have to look for writing supplies if she needs to write something down.

• Show her how to operate door and window locks. Show her how, then let her try to do it on her own.

• Always leave at least one outside light on. This will allow her to see if anyone is approaching and also lets possible intruders know someone is home.

• Show her where fire extinguishers are located. Show her emergency exits and smoke alarms.

• Provide a first-aid kit. Show your baby sitter where it is located and what its contents are.

• Remind your baby sitter to never open the door for strangers. Remind her also not to mention that she is there alone to anyone that comes to the door.

• Remind your baby sitter not to go outside to investigate anything suspicious. She should turn on all outside lights and call the police. Remind her to make sure all doors and windows are locked.

• Remind her not to tell a caller she is alone. She should tell the person on the phone that she is visiting and you can’t come to the phone. Tell her to hang up if the person gets persistent.