Homework can be a nightmare especially for young kids who are not used to getting so much work. It was only a couple of years when all they did was play all day. But homework is their first shot with reality and they need to experience it early on in order to realize the hard work that they would need to do in the future. What parents can only do is to help their kids with their homework. Here are some ways that you can help without making them give up their independence.

1. Set a schedule
Kids thrive on routines. Early on, establish in them the value of schedules and hard work. Show them that work is important and should also be taken seriously along with hobbies and pastimes. Set a time frame on when they can do their homework. When doing this, take into account the preference of your kids.

2. Guide them with their lessons
Although it is their responsibility and their duty as students to do their own assignments, it would not hurt if you are there at hand to answer any questions that they may have. You can guide them in their lessons and even give them mock quizzes if need be in order to help them with their grades. Just make sure though that you are not answering their homework yourself. They also need to work on their own.

3. Provide them with resources
If you cannot always be there to help your child, make sure that you will have some representatives in the form of little helpers like maybe a dictionary, a set of encyclopedia or even some review materials. This will also teach them to work on their own without people helping them. After all, these resource materials can help them a lot.

4. Give them a study corner
Nothing can motivate a person than a place of their own where they can study. Not only will it energize your kids to study, it will also give them that sense of importance. It will also show them that schoolwork is important and valuable for you and therefore, they should also give value to it.

4. Give them rewards
Helping them with their homework does not only involve helping them study or giving them mock quizzes. By encouraging them and motivating them to do good, you can make them better students. You can do this by giving them rewards, either in the form of material rewards or with praises and words of encouragement. This will not only help them in their assignments in school but it will also teach them that their efforts will be rewarded one way or the other.

Just make sure though that you do not overdo the material rewards. Time may come when they will only do it if there is a reward.