A good grounding in math usually leads to success in school, and in life. But many children struggle with math, and their parents do, too. If you want to multiply their potential, follow this advice for helping your children master math:

• Keep your attitude positive. Don’t let your own fear of math infect your kids’ attitudes. Emphasize the importance of understanding numbers and how math can be fun.

• Talk with the teacher. Meet with your child’s teacher to get the facts about what he or she is covering, and how you can help. A good relationship can be helpful in solving classroom struggles quickly.

• Focus on basic skills. Even young children can begin learning the basics of addition, subtraction, and fractions. As your kids get older, make sure they grasp essentials like multiplication tables and how to solve math problems in their heads. This will give them a solid foundation of knowledge to build on.

• Concentrate on neatness. Work with children on writing their numbers clearly. You don’t want them to lose credit because the teacher can’t read their answers.

• Check their homework. When children complete their homework, take the time to check it. Go over any mistakes you see. Don’t give them the answers, but work with them on analyzing math problems and spotting their own errors.

• Get a tutor. If your child is really lost in math, don’t be ashamed of getting some extra help. Your school may have a peer mentoring program, or a private tutor may have the skills to give your child the confidence and tools he or she needs to excel.