Golf has gone so high tech.
According to Forbes, technology has worked wonders in the elements of golf knowledge, data, connectivity, entertainment, and convenience.
Leading the way are the enhancements in golf equipment, says
Refined aerodynamics, shafts, lighter weights, and expanded heads of driver clubs, for example, enable a player to lash the ball farther and straighter than ever before. Swinging the club is more comfortable, and the final placement of the shot is more forgiving, if not spot on.
Want to improve your swing? Tech analyzers can help you do it. There’s a swing glove that monitors the motion of your swing. Or a chip that can be clipped to your favorite glove. A free app will provide you with a 3D review of the path of your swing, its velocity, plane, consistency, and speed of the club’s head.
Another sensor in your pocket could even trace the rotation of your hips.
How far away is that hole you’re pursuing? A range finder will show you what you cannot see. Optical lenses and laser technology can determine precisely where and how far away that hole resides.
And, finally, good old GPS. Using Google Maps, you’ll know your position, how far, and precisely where you want that little white ball to go.