If you’re thinking about adding a home theatre, there are a few things you should know before getting started:

1. Install your outlets behind your television and other accessories for safety reasons. You don’t want to put the electrical wires in the wall.
2. Remember that projectors and natural lighting are like oil and water. The darker the room, the better the picture. Any direct light can make the picture seem washed out. If your room has a lot of windows, use darkening curtains to enhance your viewing.
3. Make sure your electrical components have room to breathe. Remember that electronics produce heat and if they get too hot, you’re going to have trouble. If the components are stacked, make sure there is enough room between them to allow air to circulate. Don’t lock them in a closet or unventilated cabinet.
4. Keep it simple when it comes to the remote – and one remote should do the trick. Have a universal remote to control all of your components.
5. Don’t skimp when it comes to the sound. A better quality cable will give you better quality sound and thicker cable wires mean less interference from electrical wires in the walls.
6. Quality sound means quality speakers. There are many options when it comes to choosing your speaker systems. Let the size of the room be the gauge when choosing the system that’s right for you.
7. Make sure you have a good quality receiver attached to the television.
8. Don’t put your television in the corner – this prevents being able to have a good balance for the speakers.
9. Soundproofing makes the experience that much better – so soundproof as much as you can to deaden any hollow noise, especially if you’re in a basement.
10. Speakers need to be set up around the room, so a square or rectangular room is going to give you the ultimate sound experience.