Check these instructions from a specialist in ergonomics before you head out to tackle the beautiful white stuff:

Keep your spine in an upright, neutral position.

* No slouching or twisting.

* Bend at the hips and knees to get lower to the ground.

* Use your leg muscles to lift the load.

* Avoid throwing the snow if you can.

* Keep the load low to the ground and close to your body.

* If you must throw it, don’t throw it far.

* Use the big muscles from the hips and legs to push the snow whenever you can.

* Adequate rest is critical.

* How long you can work depends on how heavy the snow is, your physical condition, and how cold it is outside.

* If you feel fatigued, pain, or shortness of breath, rest until you feel normal again. If you have shortness of breath for a prolonged period, see your doctor immediately.

* Using a snowblower is also physically demanding and requires rest breaks.