For a lot of kids, it’s hunting season! They know their presents are hidden somewhere; the challenge is to find them, skillfully snoop in the packages, and wrap them all back up again.
It’s easier with little ones. They can’t reach the top shelf of the closet. But at age 10 and beyond, kids can usually reach or use a chair. You may know they’ve been naughty, not nice, if you find wrappings slightly disturbed.
According to a recent and really unscientific survey by The Wall Street Journal, these are the most popular places to hide gifts:

* In the closet.
* In the attic.
* In the basement.
* In the garage.
* In the freezer.
* In the trunk of the car.
* In the store (on layaway).
* In other people’s houses.

According to Cafe Mom, here are some other fantastic hiding solutions:

* Suitcases. Who looks in those?
* Under the bed (with decoys). Put gifts in a garbage bag, stuff them under the bed, then put more bags with old clothes in front of them.
* In a clothes hamper in your room, covered with dirty clothes.

The funny thing is, it’s not just the kids who peek. There are dads who are excellent detectives when it comes to discovering what their big gift will be. They have been known to snoop, investigate, and try to trick their own kids into giving up the big secret.