If you have been thinking about opening our home to a rescue animal and adopting rather than getting a new puppy, here are some tips to help get you started.

What You Need to Consider Before You Adopt a Pet

What is your lifestyle. Match lifestyle with pet. What kind of space do you have available? Match space to pet. If you live in a tiny apartment, choose an appropriate pet or breed of dog.

Rescuing a Pet is Saving a Life

While not all rescues or shelters are kill shelters, many are, so far too many pets have a limited life before they are euthanized. When you take the time to rescue a pet you save a life, you give an amazing pet the chance to have a fur-ever home and the reward you get from this action is more than you can imagine.

When You Rescue It Still Costs You Money

Rescue pets aren’t free, nor should they be. You are going to pay an adoption fee, which will vary depending on the agency. So be prepared for this. You will also have the normal costs associated with pet ownership such as veterinary care, regular and unexpected, food, leashes, dishes, and the list goes on. Owning any pet will cost you money. Before you commit to a pet make sure you can afford these costs.

Just Because You Have Decided on a Rescue You Still Need to Take Your Time

You do not just walk into a rescue agency or shelter pick a dog or cat and go home. You need to visit, engage the animals and find the right pet for you and your home. You need to take time to make a decision that’s supposed to be fur-ever. This is not for a day or a week. It’s for a lifetime.

Adopting a pet is an amazing feeling and you get some of the most awesome pets. These amazing animals are so excited to have a home where they can love a family.