Movies are a great family activity but it can be pricey, especially with a large family. Fortunately, you don’t have to forego a great family activity because it’s expensive; there are plenty of ways to save money at the theatre.

• Discount Tickets: While each movie theatre is different, most typically offer a deep discount on tickets at least one day of the week. The discounts are typically on a weeknight when theatre traffic tends to be slower. Find out when your local theatre offers the discount and plan a special night out with your family.
• Check out your local entertainment book or discount cards. These are a great source for discount coupons and you can almost always find discounts for theatre tickets or snacks.
• Take in a matinee. Most if not all movie theatres offer a matinee price for shows before 5:00 pm. Instead of dinner before the movie, go to the movie first and then dinner. A matinee will help defray the cost of the much needed buttered popcorn you love to munch on during the show.
• Loyalty rewards. If your family members are frequent movie goers, a loyalty reward program is a great way to save money on tickets. Use your card every time you purchase tickets and snacks and earn points that can be used toward discounts on future purchases.

Family time is important and if part of that family time is to be spent at the movies, it makes sense to try and save a little here and there where you can. Sometimes staying within a budget doesn’t have to mean going without, but rather being creative for the things you like to do.