We are going to see a lot of pink Barbies this Halloween, according to Best Products.
If you don’t want to buy something, Barbie it is fairly easy to DYI. Just assemble a selection of pink clothing. Don’t forget accessories, naturally, like a pink purse or even a pink visor. Pink nail polish? Check. Blonde wig, easy. For a Western Barbie look, go for a white cowboy hat and a pink western-patterned scarf.
You can even buy human-sized Barbie and Ken display boxes on Amazon if you want to halloween with a loved one.
Super Mario remains a favorite and it is way easy to do: Overalls, red shirt, red hat, work boots. Boom.
Ted Lasso costume capitalizes on the popularity of the Apple TV series of the same name. Easy to do: Sports hat, warm up jacket and pants, whistle, soccer ball.
For a throw-back to the 90s (and before), try an easy Wednesday Addams costume. Braided black wig, black dress with white collar , scowl.
Be a Hellfire Club member from Stranger Things 4. Get a Hellfire Club t-shirt, pair it with a backward baseball cap, and distressed jeans, and boom: You are a member of the Dungeons and Dragons club.
And here’s a winner. You can be Bob Ross. Jeans, shirt, big fluffy brown wig and beard, plus a brush and paint palette for a prop. Happy trees.
And don’t forget the gimmick costumes:
Cereal Killer: Paste cereal boxes to your clothes and carry a big stick.
Magic 8 Ball: Wear all black, with a big 8 on your shirt and make a pyramid for your head that says: Signs poinjt ot yes; Ask me again later, and so forth.
Garden gnome: Easy. Blue jeans and shirt, white beard, red hat.