It can be tough to stay active if you work in an office. Let’s face it; most offices encourage a sedentary day. And sedentary days can lead to a few pounds gained here and there over time.

So what’s an office worker to do to keep things moving and to shed those few extra pounds? Follow these tips:

• Walk to work if you can. Or if you take the bus or train, get off a stop or two before your actual destination and walk the rest of the way to work.

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator if possible.

• Join a gym or take a midday yoga class—or simply take a walk during your lunch hour.

• Make your own lunch. It’s the best way to limit the calories and fat you eat during the day.

• Get up often. Go to the printer. Pick things up or walk to someone’s desk to ask something rather than calling or e-mailing.