To make sure your eating habits stay on the right path all day long, you should eat breakfast within no more than thirty minutes of waking up.

If you are someone who just cannot face a full meal first thing in the morning, then choose a soy or skim milk latte for your morning coffee and consume a piece of fruit at the same time. Then, in the middle of the morning have a small snack packed with protein.

Even if you do only have something small, it is better than missing breakfast entirely. People who skip breakfast are far more likely to be overweight or even obese than those who do not, and a good breakfast also makes you more inclined to make better food choices throughout the rest of the day.

Even freshly squeezed orange juice is full of sugar; skip the juice and eat an orange instead. Likewise, if you have to have a smoothie, make sure you use a recipe that uses healthy vegetables, lean protein, and naturally sweet fruit rather than lots of extra sugar.