You’ve looked high and low for the perfect vacation and have decided on taking your first cruise. What a great choice! But in order to make it a true success with no surprises.
First things first, when you begin to research cruise packages and BEFORE you book, find out what is included in your cruise fee.

It’s true that cruises are “all-inclusive” but this can be a bit deceiving. “All-inclusive” is limited to your sleeping accommodations, dining and on-boat activities, however, it does it include beverages of any time, spa services, gambling and shore excursions. It also doesn’t include gratuity.

Don’t wait to book you shore excursions or you can be left out. You definitely want to participate in at least one shore excursion, or more depending on the length of your cruise. You can choose from snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, parasailing and more while your ship is docked in port. It’s wise to research and book your excursions as closely as possible to booking your cruise as spaces are limited and they tend to fill up quickly.

Eating is a large part of your cruise experience and overindulgence among cruisers. In fact, most who take cruises can expect to gain 7 -14 pounds on a cruise. With all of the rich food and endless spread of desserts, it’s no wonder. But try to refrain from gluttony. You’re going to be sorry for that overindulgence when you get back home and you don’t want any “bad” memories to bring back with you.

Last but not least, don’t overpack. You’ll have a stateroom on your ship, but the term “stateroom” is used loosely. You’ll need to dress in business casual attire for dinner and on-board events and most ships offer at least one formal night so plan your outfits and shoes accordingly. Ladies, try to plan your outfits around a minimal number of shoes.

All in all, your cruise will be an enjoyable experience so enjoy!