A well-planned vacation means fun for everyone. Of course, even the best plans can go awry, and the key is to not become stressed, and just go with the flow and change your plans along the way. Being fluid can really make the difference between a fun memorable vacation and a stressful vacation.

A common mistake made on vacations is to fill every waking moment with activities. This leads to exhaustion and cranky kids and parents. It’s better to leave some free time available to lounge at the pool, read a book, watch TV, or whatever – just a little chill time can go a long way to having a better vacation experience.

If you see the kids are starting to get restless, not focusing on what you are doing, then stop. Take a break, sit down for something to eat, go back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Whatever works, but there’s really no point in slogging through because you will just find everyone getting miserable and not enjoying themselves anyway. There’s always tomorrow or later the same day.

If there are more than one family traveling together you can team up children according to age. Older children might be given a little more flexibility when paired in groups with a common meeting ground at a specific time. Of course, cell phones have made it much easier to know exactly what your older kids are up to. You can also combine other children by age or interest and

parents can split off into smaller groups if they chose. For example, at an amusement park under 5 children will go on rides that are much different than those of 12 year olds, so you could go different ways and meet back up.

Most vacation destinations have tons of things to do. Some places may be less obvious than others. Choose a vacation that fits your lifestyle, likes, and family. That might be a week at the lake swimming and boating or a week at Disney. Just remember to have fun wherever you go!