If you are like most adults, you probably threw your last jump rope in the trash years ago. Jumping rope, though, isn’t just for youngsters, and for grown-ups looking to inject a bit of fun into their exercise regime, jumping rope offers some great health benefits.

We have all seen boxers training with a jump rope, and they choose this particular method of keeping fit for a reason. Just 10 minutes of jumping rope is said to offer the same benefits as a 45-minute run, and it also does the following:

• Improves cardiovascular fitness by improving the heart rate and blood pressure
• Reduces the risk of heart disease
• Lowers cholesterol levels
• Improves muscle tone in both the upper and lower body
• Improves coordination and balance
• Increases the body’s flexibility
• Promotes weight loss
• Helps to improve endurance levels

Unlike many other forms of exercise that require large, heavy pieces of equipment that are difficult to move around or store, jumping rope is a convenient and cheap way to keep fit. You don’t even have to go outdoors if you have sufficient room in your home or garage, and of course you can choose the level of exercise to suit yourself. So why not put on some of your favorite music, try a few different foot combinations such as alternating feet, and skip your way to fitness?