These days we recognize that a beautiful body focuses on the importance of being healthy and accepting your unique body shape and size.

Healthy living means just that, living a life that reduces your risk of becoming ill or developing a disease. That entails eating right, exercising properly, drinking plenty of water, reducing stress, and living a spiritual life.

The next step is for you to accept your body as it is flaws and all, whether you feel you are too tall or too short, whether you feel like you should weigh more or less, whether your wrinkles frustrate you or you hate your hair, you need to be accepting of who you are, your beauty and your quirks.

The one thing you can change is your weight. If you are not happy with your weight and you want to lose a few pounds or several pounds it is just a matter of coming up with a weight loss program that is right for you. There are all kinds of weight loss programs to choose from.

Cellulite is another unwanted physical attribute. Women have more cellulite than men because women have a higher percentage of body fat that is relative to the lean body mass. Cellulite is fat that is near the skin’s surface. Exercise can help to minimize the look of cellulite because it bulks you up and leads to an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, which are both near the surface. You can also use various creams that firm the skin and reduce the look of cellulite.

When you repeatedly gain and lose weight it will make cellulite look worse, because this cycle tends to weaken collagen fibers in the connective tissue that is just beneath the skin. Staying hydrated also helps to reduce the look of cellulite.

Looking your best begins with accepting who you are.