Believe it or not, this fun family entertainment originates from the lumberjacks. They would use paintball guns to help mark the trees for cutting. Before long, they were chasing each other around and hiding behind trees shooting each other and thus, a new form of entertainment was born!

Paintball is safe, non-toxic and considered a non-contact sport (tell that to the person getting hit with the paintballs right?) In fact, when you add up all of the injuries in other activities, paintball is actually safer than golf.

Ok so it’s safe, but yes it can hurt when you get pelted with those little balls, so you’re going to want to wear the right equipment. Most facilities will provide you with their standard face masks and gloves but depending on your personal preference, you may want to wear a neck protector or even the full armor that’s available. In any case, an extra pair of paints and a bulky sweater or two wouldn’t hurt either.

And for moms, guess what? There’s no mess! That’s right – paintball isn’t really “paint” at all – it’s actually a little capsule filled with material similar to a bath bead you might put in your bath water to soak in. So while you may have a small grease mark where you are hit, there’s no real paint so no real mess.
So while this activity may not be right for families with very young children, it’s definitely something to consider as an appropriate activity to do with your teens and older children. Enjoy!